For over 150 years Dinan became the home of hundreds of English-speaking men, women and children, known collectively as the Colonie anglaise - The English Colony. This book aims to chart their lives, their dynamic infrastructure within the town and their interactions within the communities. We focus on the living legacy they left in Dinan, particularly in the areas of religion, architecture, literature, music, art and education, all of which contribute towards a very three-dimensional portrayal of the Colonie anglaise's role in Dinan’s rich past and its heritage.

The book is a limited-edition hardback with a matt laminated full-colour cover; the book is over 550 pages long and is richly illustrated with a total of 500 images and photos.

Diane Monier-Moore is the grand-daughter of historian Mathurin Monier. Born in Jersey, she studied modern languages at King’s College London, Exeter, Geneva, Freiburg-im-Breisgau and Oslo. She has worked in the fields of publishing, lecturing and translating. Diane has written a number of poetry anthologies and is the author of a history book, Deo Gratias: A History of the French Catholic Church in Jersey, 1790-2007 and she recently edited Mathurin Monier’s Journal d’une vie (2014).